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SHELFHOUSE COMPANY – Is a Steel House Pre-fabrication. Our Company envisioned a dream that people should have their own home with quality guaranteed. It’s perfect for families’ residences or in different types of commercial businesses such as convenience Store, Warehouse, Kiosks, Install Rentals, Offices, etc. with a Quick-to-build for just weeks and less constructor. Shelf house is an innovative housing segment that has its own power autonomous using our new Technology called Solar Power, that help us an energy efficient and money savings.  

A Product that may fit to your needs, for Residential, Rest House Resort and Commercial Businesses. Make your choice.

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Designed & Visualized By: 

James Bryan Lumbang

Designed & Visualized By: 

Michelle Dimarucut

Designed & Visualized By: 

Michelle Dimarucut

We’ve witnessed our customers having a positive impressions such as happy and Satisfied by our Customized Grills and Rack.. It will be our pride to serve and make products that meets your expectations.. Thank you for TRUSTING US!!



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