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Is a Steel House Pre-fabrication. Our Company envisioned a dream that people should have their own home with quality guaranteed. It’s perfect for families’ residences or in different types of commercial businesses such as convenience Store, Warehouse, Kiosks, Install Rentals, Offices, etc. with a Quick-to-build for just weeks and less constructor. Shelf house is an innovative housing segment that has its own power autonomous using our new Technology called Solar Power, that help us an energy efficient and money savings.  

 It is a transportable material to be assembled, or di assembled, that the whole kit is in one container so it can be totally move and place everywhere, Shelf house is equipped with shower and toilet.

Compared to a wood house, Shelf house can stay for a longer period of time, It is a modular expandable house and there is no usual concrete foundation needed, it is made from 60% Steel, 30% Sandwich Panel, and 10% installation, Steel is partly flexible so it does not break and can remain stable throughout Strong Wind, Hurricanes, Earthquake, thunderstorm, Fire Resistance, Pest Free, and environmentally friendly that can diminish the illegal loggings in our environment which we preserve our natures.

Shelf house has also Faraday Cage/Faraday shield that can block the Electromagnetic fields, so it is safe during lightning

Designed and Visualized by: Michelle G. Dimarucut

Designed and Visualized by: James Bryan M. Lumbang


SHELFHOUSE Aim’s to build your home and meet your satisfaction in Providing, Durability, Good Quality, Sturdy Structural, and Environmental Friendly with Sustainable growth of Innovation.

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